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C3.1 Melt growth and doping of

bulk SrTiO3, Ga2O3 and In2O3



Overview of the research project:

In this project we prepare bulk single crystals of strontium titanate and other transparent semiconducting oxides with improved crystal properties. It is based on the land-standing experience and expertise in melt growth of oxide bulk crystals at high temperatures. The IKZ is continuously advancing and extending its growth technologies for novel and less matured bulk materials in the field. We are tackling problems of growth stability and reproducibility, diameter and length increase, doping, segregation, and dopant homogeneity, structural quality and defect formation, impact of growth conditions and annealing on crystal properties, as well as substrate and sample preparation.

Major accomplishments expected:

The IKZ will demonstrate unprecedented or otherwise unavailable crystals, substrates and samples of bulk oxide materials (e.g. SrTiO3, Ga2O3, In2O3) in regard to composition, structural quality, physical properties (e.g. crystallographic orientation, doping concentration, homogeneity), and size/diameter.


Collaboration with partners in the project:

The project provides research and development (based on funded collaboration or cost sharing) for Science Campus members to obtain samples for their research, and to perform joint research and development on the preparation and characterization of novel bulk oxide materials.

The Research Team

If you have queries about the project, please contact the PI:
Matthias Bickermann, Institut für Kristallzüchtung
Zbigniew Galazka, Institut für Kristallzüchtung


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Kai Hablizel

Paul-Drude Institut für Festkörperelektronik (PDI)
Leibniz-Institut im Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V.
Tel.: +49 30 20377-342




Prof. Dr. Henning Riechert, PDI

Scientific Coordinator:

Dr. Oliver Bierwagen, PDI
Dr. Martin Albrecht, IKZ