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PhD student: Electronic transport and trap states in epitaxial
films and hetero-structures + application to devices



Overview of the research project:

The project focuses on both transport and device issues in heterostructures and thin films based on semiconducting group III-sesquioxides. The research topics are defect investigation through low-frequency deep-level noise spectroscopy (DLNS), heterojunction characterization through C–V and I–V, and charge transport at device-relevant electric field strengths using I–V and Hall (including gated Hall). An associated effort in structure fabrication, including the technical steps such as contacts and structuring, is required, as well as the characterization of functional structures.

Note: An associated project requiring an additional student will on device aspects. FET devices are characterized and modeled using established heterostructure transistor models similar to what the group has used for III-V systems. The device performance is investigated by noise spectroscopy and the relationship between transport and device characteristics are investigated.

Major accomplishments expected:

Characterization of mid-gap defects as a function of growth conditions and their influence on the scattering and mobility.


Collaboration with partners in the project:

PDI, IKZ (Cluster 3: Growth)

Who we are looking for:

All advertised PhD projects are located within the field of physics. We are looking for highly motivated young researchers with a highly qualified Master in Physics or a closely related field.

How to apply:

If you are interested in this project, please email a full electronic application including a motivational letter, CV, personal references/letter of recommendation (if available), Bachelor and Master certificate and transcript of records, using the project number C4-14 to:

Please note:

While this call for applications is advertised by the GraFOx ScienceCampus, the recruitment process is performed by the partner institution.



Paul-Drude-Institut für
Leibniz-Insitut im Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V.
Hausvogteiplatz 5-7
10117 Berlin, Germany 

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