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Third Party Funding


Funding Organization
(e.g. BMBF, DFG, ERC, etc.)
Project Title / Project Responsible Funding Period
EFRE G. Wagner:
„Application Lab for Oxide Materials“
Leibniz Association M. Albrecht:
“Physics and control of defects in oxide films for adaptive electronics”
DFG S. F. Fischer, R. Mitdank, G. Wagner (IKZ):
“Ballistic heat transport in thin and ultrathin oxide layers”
DFG M.Busch, S. F. Fischer:
“Adsorption and desorption processes on beta-Ga2O3 and In2O3 surfaces studied via structural and thermo-/electrical investigations”
TUB internal funding line H. Eisele, S. Lindner:
„Atomare Struktur und elektronische Eigenschaften von Grenzflächen aus Perovskit und organischen Ladungstransfermateria-lien“
1/2017–6/2017 /
BMBF G. Wagner:
Würfel FBH/IKZ
DFG Z. Galazka (IKZ), D. (NCU Torun):
“β-Ga2O3: Ce semiconductor as a new scintillator – investigation of spectroscopic and scintillation properties”
Leibniz Association M. Albrecht:
“Barium stannate based heterostructures for electronic applications”
Cornell University D. Schlom, C. Guguschev:
“Investigations of crystal growth of new perovskite single crystals with lattice parameters in the range of 4.02 A - 4.18 A”
EFRE Applikationslabor für Materialien der Oxidelektronik 03/2017–2/2020


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The Leibniz ScienceCampus GraFOx is a network of two Leibniz Institutes, two universities and one institute of the Max Planck Society. It is based in Berlin, Germany.


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Dr. Oliver Bierwagen, PDI
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